Articles tagged xss

2010-05-13 11:50:28
Once again, the world's top social networking Web site is in hot water for vulnerabilities allowing people to access personal information about users without their consent.
2010-04-14 13:30:56
Today at Black Hat Europe 2010, security researcher Paul Stone will demonstrate a new form of clickjacking and provide a testing tool for this type of attack.
2010-01-08 15:16:04
Samy Kamkar, the author of a massive worm spread on MySpace in 2005, has posted a Proof of Concept using (once again) a XSS vulnerability, this time in wireless routers, that can reveal the target router's physical location.
2010-01-04 17:31:15
XSS vulnerabilities that could lead to account hijacking have been discovered in Google Calendar and Twitter.
2009-11-24 12:51:45
The latest version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser contains a bug that can enable serious security attacks against websites that are otherwise safe.
2008-03-04 22:31:51
Jose Carlos Norte found a critical cross site scripting vulnerability in the PHP picture album suite Minigal 2 (aka MG2) that allows non-admin users to browser restricted areas.