Articles tagged trojan

2010-07-14 12:26:24
False 'Verified by Visa' and 'MasterCard SecureCode' pages harvest customers' personal data.
2010-06-01 14:44:42
Symantec has detected a server holding 17GB of stolen user credentials for online games, gathered and verified with Trojans.
2010-05-11 11:39:33
Another malware distribution campaign uses social engineering to spread a Trojan horse.
2010-02-10 15:16:16
The botnet made famous by the propagation of the Zeus banking Trojan has started distributing a brand-new threat to businesses' financial accounts.
2010-02-08 11:28:06
Mozilla pulled two extensions from its download site after finding out that they contained a Trojan. 4,600 users could be infected.
2009-12-10 16:48:18
A large scale SQL injection attack has injected a malicious iframe on tens of thousands of susceptible websites.
2009-11-09 13:03:37
"Threats targeting the Macintosh platform are much less common than those targeting Windows. The same can be said about video games, where Windows is the dominate platform of the two. Combining games and malware has happened before, but a Mac game performing malicious activities? That’s something relatively new."