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2010-06-04 11:54:55
A security firm has discovered that several free Mac software Web sites are hosting spyware-bearing downloadable applications.
2010-01-11 13:00:37
A researcher published last Friday a Proof of Concept code for a vulnerability that he says could be used for a dangerous exploit. But Apple's OS might not be affected at all by the code.
2010-01-08 15:16:04
Samy Kamkar, the author of a massive worm spread on MySpace in 2005, has posted a Proof of Concept using (once again) a XSS vulnerability, this time in wireless routers, that can reveal the target router's physical location.
2009-11-09 13:03:37
"Threats targeting the Macintosh platform are much less common than those targeting Windows. The same can be said about video games, where Windows is the dominate platform of the two. Combining games and malware has happened before, but a Mac game performing malicious activities? That’s something relatively new."
2008-08-03 23:08:55
Apple has issued a security update for Mac OS X, which fixes multiple vulnerabilities.