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2010-09-20 16:39:20
The worm, first detected in July, could be considered the most sophisticated malware ever, after new findings.
2010-08-02 15:27:48
One week before the regular Patch Tuesday, Windows gets a fix for the vulnerability that allowed the Stuxnet worm two weeks ago.
2010-07-26 16:07:33
Siemens SCADA systems are vulnerable, should have been easily protected.
2010-07-13 17:14:53
Users of 64-bit Windows XP are not affected, Service Pack 3 will be supported until 2014.
2010-07-06 14:35:51
One month after it has first been reported, a vulnerability in Windows XP's Help and Support Center has served in at least 10,000 attacks, according to Microsoft.
2010-04-12 14:05:59
It has been more than a year since the rise of one of the world's most widespread worms and it has not unleashed any significant payload yet. Is Conficker dead?
2010-04-01 13:37:48
Microsoft found over 1,800 bugs in its upcoming Office suite by using a network of "fuzzing" computers.
2010-03-29 16:00:04
A new report shows that administrative rights limitations effectively protect Windows users.
2010-03-18 15:11:00
Three weeks after Microsoft took it down, Waledac "looks crippled, if not dead."