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2011-02-17 17:40:11
Three of the Canadian government’s key departments, including the systems of Canada’s financial nerve centers, have been compromised by China-based hackers, it was learned this week. But Thursday, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper assured his country that Canada does have a system in place to defend those crucial systems.
2010-07-08 15:04:15
A research by SecureWorks shows that it beat the 15 other countries studied for the lowest ratio of cyber attacks per thousand PCs.
2010-03-24 11:59:29
Reports show that financial records in the US and medical records in Vancouver are not properly protected.
2008-06-10 15:10:52
When Apple Inc.'s iPhone makes its long-awaited debut in Canada on July 11, it will be the new and improved version. The updated iPhone will allow users to track baseball scores in real time. (Eric Risberg/Associated Press). The company announced on Monday the faster and cheaper iPhone — with new capabilities, including GPS tracking — will be sold in 70 countries this year, including Canada. The device will run on Rogers Communications Inc.'s third-generation (3G) network, and be sold in Apple and Rogers stores.