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2011-09-13 19:33:41
They can do wonderful products and they can be real pain. I hate being in the position of saying to my customer the provider I used to publish their software does not provide the requested option, specially when it comes to simple statistics. When you publish an iOS app on the App Store, it is impossible to know the number of app downloads before the last 26 weeks.
2010-07-30 13:15:22
The new version of Apple's Web browser fixes 15 security bugs while getting to pace with other modern browsers.
2010-04-27 12:11:42
The update is advertised as being essential for using the iPad's full potential but is actually a Trojan.
2010-03-17 13:05:12
Hacker/researcher Charlie Miller plans on unveiling 30 critical security vulnerabilities of common software, including 20 in Apple's Preview application, at the CanSecWest conference later this month.
2009-11-26 12:44:09
Recent incidents have put the iPhone's security in focus, but firms will not be able to develop anti-virus because of the nature of the system.
2008-08-25 07:56:10
Apple again used a Friday to provide its developer community with new pre-release software for testing during the weekend, including new builds of Mac OS X 10.5.5 client, Mac OS X 10.5.5 server, and Safari 4.0.
2008-08-20 14:03:40
Several incidents of iPod nanos bursting into flames have created consumer jitters in gadget-happy Japan. Apple is downplaying the problem, pointing out that no major injuries or damage have been reported. The problem is due to defective batteries, the company said, and only a tiny percentage of the devices have caught on fire.
2008-06-10 15:10:52
When Apple Inc.'s iPhone makes its long-awaited debut in Canada on July 11, it will be the new and improved version. The updated iPhone will allow users to track baseball scores in real time. (Eric Risberg/Associated Press). The company announced on Monday the faster and cheaper iPhone — with new capabilities, including GPS tracking — will be sold in 70 countries this year, including Canada. The device will run on Rogers Communications Inc.'s third-generation (3G) network, and be sold in Apple and Rogers stores.
2008-03-20 12:35:39
Consumer technology company Apple released two updates on Tuesday to fix more than a hundred flaws in its Mac OS X operating system, the OS's open-source components and the company's Safari Web browser.